An Uninvited Guest

Lovesick Blues

The Girl With The Cheshire Grin


Aaron's Feel-Good, Low-Cal, Good-Time Jamboree


Love You Right

The Late Molly Kate

Only You Alone

Mexico City Blues

You Don't Know My Heart

Senorita In The Sunshine

Lovesick Blues, live on

KCHW 102.7 Chewelah (12/26/12)


You Don't Know My Heart

The *official* video.  Oh, yes.

The Curse

Josh Ritter's "The Curse."  From my CD Release performance.

Aaron's Feel-Good, Low-Cal, Good-Time Jamboree

A ridiculous title.  But I do like this song.

When Will I Be Loved

The Everly Brothers classic.  With the incomparable Molly Kate Andrews.

You Don't Know My Heart

I had been fighting a cold for a while, and as a result I wound up singing this song lower than I normally would.  I think I like it better this way...

various music rough tracks, covers, etc. 

I heart Leonard Cohen.

I wrote this for my mom.  It made her cry.

My homage to Paul Westerberg.

I wrote this on my lunch break, so there are only two chords.

It's short.  But I like it.

An a cappella number I wrote -- very different for me.


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