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A singer you can bring home to mother.

Singing songs of love, loss, and everything in between.

  • First solo album, An Uninvited Guest, released 2012
  • Chewelah PACA 2013 Featured Artist
  • 5th Place, Indie International 2013 Songwriting Contest
  • Honorable Mention, Chewelah's Got Talent Competition 2013

Every song is meant

for someone...

even if we've never met.

Having done some time singing in bands where his creative input was severely limited, Aaron decided to branch out circa 2004 and make the kind of music he wanted to make.

He has always been drawn to music that was about something more than making noise.  Aaron wanted to make music that said something, that caused people to feel something -- in his opinion, strong songwriting should never come second to distortion and feedback.

And while his music will certainly not be for everyone, there are plenty who enjoy it very much, and that makes him very happy.

Aaron is currently at work on his highly-anticipated second album, tentatively called

Ghost in the Pages, which is planned for a summer 2014 release. After that, the future gets a little murky -- he'll be raising a baby with his wife, and working on a number of projects, including a Christmas album, a musical or two, and a radio show.

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